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We’re on a mission to give animals longer and healthier lives.

Canine life stages have been characterized with consideration to breed and age of dog.

The aim of the guidelines is to help veterinarians create comprehensive, individualized wellness plans for each stage of a dog’s life. Although there are well-defined preventive and wellness measures for puppies and growing dogs, there is unmet need for dogs in the mature, senior and geriatric stages of their lives.

We are pursuing treatments on specific health conditions such as heart failure, osteoarthritis etc. in collaboration with numerous veterinary and research partners. Read more abut our work now. 

Our products in development

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Age is the most common risk factor for many diseases. We want to head off age-related diseases and conditions and improve mobility, energy and vitality.  We are gathering data on a proprietary combination product in a clinical trial of aged, pet dogs with North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

We expect data later this year. If you would like to be informed of our progress in the trial and join our thought leader group, please complete the contact us form.

Significance of Partnership Across Academia,
Industry and Veterinary Practice.

The overarching goal of any animal health company, like Animal Bioscience is to give practising vets better resources for treating their furry patients.

For any veterinary product, there are three participants: the pet, the pet’s owner, and their vet. We’ve designed our products with each participant’s needs and wants at the centre of our minds.

Partners with Dinbeat


  • We are working with and recruiting the brightest minds in animal health.

  • We are building out a network of scientists, vets, owners and device manufacturers to help us develop best practice solutions to enhance the healthspan of animals we can assist.

  • We also have a number of important partnerships.

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